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Why I am running for governor on The Resource Party platform

By Linda Eno, The Resource Party Candidate for Governor

We the People of the United States have lost control of our government. Our two-party system is not what the majority of the people want anymore; it is who has the most money and lobbying power. Key facts about very real constitutional, historical, economic and social issues are ignored and obscured by divisive platforms in the major parties, while media run spectacles slanted toward political correctness and often cruel, destructive and divisive labeling.

Sixteen years ago my husband and I realized the American dream of owning our own business. We purchased a resort on the west shore of Lake Mille Lacs near Garrison. Through our first three years in business, the only day of the year we were closed was Christmas Day. But ever since the Mille Lacs Band’s treaty-rights lawsuit we have experienced economic and social hardships tied to the treaty commercial fishing. We now have our resort closed almost two months of every spring and fall.

Last year I drove around the lake and conservatively counted 40 sport-fishing tourist businesses that had closed. Meanwhile Mille Lacs tribal leader Marge Anderson was getting editorials into metro newspapers about how her untaxed gambling casinos were the largest employers in the area. The reality is that the destruction of the sport-fishing tourism base has given Mille Lacs County the highest unemployment figures in the state.

Leo Tolstoy wrote that gambling is immoral because the gambler’s hope of success is based on hoping for the misfortunes of other people. After 13 years of being involved in political public service with my running mates Howard Hanson and David Hoch, I would like to add Tolstoy’s feelings about gambling and morality to my feelings about our “Minnesota Nice” corporations and the three major political parties they control.

After 20-plus years of studying federal Indian policy with the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA), which networks with Indian citizens who want equal protections under our nation’s laws, we Resource Party candidates can confidently say that the American Indian Movement, formed here in Minnesota in the 1960’s, will go down in history as the biggest political Ponzi scheme of all time. We taxpayers have been subjected to both economic and social chaos, with huge budget deficits, while our nation’s corporations and richest shareholders have gotten richer and richer using our Indian neighbors to steal our land, our valuable natural resources and our economic wealth.

Our Indian friends and neighbors are only pawns in this evil scheme. While the major parties have formed a relationship with this wealth, The Resource Party will continue to educate taxpayers about how unconstitutional it all is and how the Indian people were deprived of their rights by being declared incompetent in the late 1800’s without a competency hearing. Ever since, the rich and powerful have used them to control territory and our nation’s valuable resources.

It seems the country that was supposed to protect our rights of equality and a level economic playing field is now saying the rules have changed, and those with the most money get all the wealth while the rest of us get the resulting budget deficits and an economy that doesn’t work. That has certainly been the case since the tribes got their untaxed gambling monopoly and the rights to commercially gill-net the fish. They are also buying taxable fee land with their untaxed gambling profits, and our political leaders are allowing them in many instances to make it untaxed tribal trust lands when there is no legal way to do so.

We used to hear how important our resort communities were, and how tourism dollars rolled through a community six times, thereby creating well-working economies and a great quality of life for all the citizens of northern Minnesota. Now those

well-working economies have been turned into huge budget deficits thanks to the politicians from the major parties who have sold out us taxpayers. Now they are violating their oaths of office by giving us untaxed tribal gaming and historical revisionist treaty-rights gillnetting as our new economy.

With the gambling comes huge increases in crime and social costs. The Resource Party has a long relationship with Professor John Kindt, of the University of Illinois, who is a foremost authority on the negative effects of gambling. He has testified before Congress, with many of his studies and articles entered in the Congressional Record. His studies show that for every dollar the tribal casino takes in there are at least three dollars in social costs.

These costs are created by a 10 percent increase in crime every year after a casino has been open for three years. The costs can escalate if the tribe cheats and sidesteps the state’s guidelines set for payouts on their machines. David Hoch, our Attorney General candidate has filed several complaints with Minnesota’s Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety about gaming machine violations in Minnesota. Employees at the agency routinely ask him, “Do you know whom you are fooling with?” Obviously, our state employees are fearful of the organized-crime families that control the industry.

With the gambling mob also come drugs, violence and sex business, with high social costs when people get addicted. Our reservations have been turned into safe havens for drug gangs ever since President Clinton issued a presidential order strengthening the tribes’ “self determination” to run their own affairs. Federal attorneys were then told to “back off” on enforcement by Attorney General Gonzalez. He later fired several attorneys who continued their attempts to stop crime on reservations.

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain purposely left loopholes for the tribal gambling industry in his campaign-finance reform legislation. This resulted in the gambling business now being the most powerful lobbying force in our country.

The cost to our county governments is enormous. As an example: Cass County has a population of ten percent Indian citizens. They consume 80 percent of the county’s social costs and 65 percent of law-enforcement costs. Recently Alan Gunsbury of the Quarterdeck Resort on Gull Lake told us that the University of Minnesota did a study showing a 10-billion-dollar social cost caused by gambling. And it is all fraudulently untaxed.

A few months ago a couple professors at the University of Minnesota Law School did a study about the costs of drunken-driving in our state. The cost for legal, medical, enforcement and incarceration was $4.5 billion per year. The tax on alcohol was somewhere around $300 million. During the past year-and-a-half The Resource Party has studied the costs of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and we are trying to get figures on how much of Minnesota’s special-education budget is caused by FAS students. If it is half of the state’s special-education costs we can at least begin to see what is responsible for these huge budget deficits and start making plans so those responsible pay their fair share.

The hardworking, taxpaying citizens of our state who refrain from drinking and from frequenting tribal casinos are certainly getting a bad shake here. The Resource Party promises to void the fraudulent tribal gaming compacts, and to raise taxes fairly on alcohol to cover the budget deficits. We will seek a new Presidential Order to end the 1837 Treaty fishing-hunting rights. (The 1999 U. S. Supreme Court ruling affirmed that the 1837 Treaty fishing-hunting privilege can be terminated by a president) And we will start taking steps to insure that every Minnesota citizen, Indian and non-Indian, has the equal protection of our laws.

The Resource Party believes Leo Tolstoy had the right assessment about gambling, and we truly believe that the major parties have been acting immorally in subjecting hardworking taxpayers, many of whom do not drink or gamble, to this lawless economic and social collapse of our once-great Republic. The Resource Party is the only party with a platform to get our political compass back on track towards the rule of law and the constitutions of the United States and of the great State of Minnesota.

The day will come when The Resource Party will get over 5% of the vote and become a major party. Then Minnesota politics will change forever, for the good of all its citizens. The major parties will then have to debate us and allow the citizens to scrutinize what we have been saying and what has been censored for so many years.

Please help that day come this November 2nd by telling all your friends that The Resource Party candidates have the platform to fix our once-great Republic.


Linda Eno: (320) 279-1174  
Howard Hanson: (612) 868-3148  
David Hoch: (651) 399-8893            This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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