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Resource Party Planks


1. No person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States should in any respect be denied full claim to the rights discussed in the summary, inclusive of American Indians and Alaskan natives wherever they may live.

2. Public representatives must in every respect be subject to the laws and regulations that bind their fellow citizens, without exception. Payments for public service should be modest and not exceeding median professional compensation for like responsibilities.

3. Separation of church and state is the norm of life in the United States, binding on governments and religions alike. Civil and Religious liberty are the paramount objectives of self-government and no prior restraint of either is legitimate.

4. The right to vote is the first expression of the citizen’s right to participate in formulating the rules by which he or she shall live. Elections must be free, fair, and dispositive, entailing an obligation to enable poll monitors wherever elections are conducted.

5. All practices or policies that segregate some citizens of the United States or any other persons not subject to lawful quarantine into apartheid-style local jurisdictions or reservations should be immediately terminated, with provision to recompense persons and families that have been identifiably victimized by such practices or polices. This applies especially to American Indians forcibly subjected to tribal governments without recourse to fundamental protections of their persons and property under the Constitution of the United States.

6. Due regard for fiscal integrity requires the United States to provide a complete accounting of the outstanding national indebtedness and to adopt specific measures to retire that debt in a timely manner.

7. The entitlement industry has become a menace to general well being. Inasmuch as it is sometimes necessary for public agencies to provide for assuring or initiating specific conditions to assure social well being in the society at large, due attention must be given to what operates most effectively to accomplish the mission envisioned. In particular, the sprawling, over-grown federal entitlement industry has become a menace to general well being, and it is a matter of high public urgency to begin a systematic reversion to state provision in those areas in which the federal government has effectively crowded out (such as charitable welfare) or begun to crowd out state responsibilities (such as health and education). The principle of reversion aims to concentrate resources in the hands most directly responsible for their prudent application, and it therefore specifically envisions the reversion not merely of responsibilities but also of revenues directed to those responsibilities. Finally, it must be noted that the scale on which social welfare policies have been observed to have worked well in the world is almost entirely that of the smaller European states, which are nearer analogs to our state governments than to our federal government.

8. Natural Resources Use/Conservation: Proper economic management of natural resources is fundamental to future, healthful development, providing for a high qualify life with supporting jobs and strong local economies.

9. Forests. The States Department of Natural Resources will run smart, well managed business plans that tax enough for harvesting and use to ensure the replanting and sustainability of our forests and wildlife for both the wood products industries, the deer and upland game hunting communities and those that use trails for hiking and snowmobiling.

10. Fish. There will be no commercial gill netting of game fish from public waters. Thousands upon thousands of jobs have been lost because of this practice. Lakes should be managed for the sport of fishing, the tourism economy it sustains, and the joy it brings to citizens.

11. Aquaculture – Fish Farming. The states should invest more money in the infrastructure needed in water treatment facilities to expand the aquaculture industry. The industry could create new sustainable jobs, new market for food crops, prevent the over harvesting of lakes and rivers (that is destroying our sport fishing tourism) and be win-win for everyone.

12. Education. Every child has the right to a Free Appropriate Public Education, which includes resident public schools, charter schools, private schools, and home schooling. Every effort will be made to protect this right and to maintain adequate funding for resident public schools and public charter schools under local control. The cost of education is being driven up by special education required for children prenatally exposed to alcohol and drugs and exposed to violence in the home caused by alcohol and drug use. Prevention of prenatal exposure to alcohol, along with early intervention in cases of prenatal exposure will be a high priority to give every child the best learning potential.

13. Responsibility. It is the responsibility of the government to provide for the national defense in any eventuality.



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