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Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee

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July 10, 2009

Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Chairman
Senate Judiciary Committee
433 Russell Senate Building
Washington, D. C. 20510

Dear Senator Leahy,

We request that the Senate Judiciary Committee, in the exercise of its required oversight function, investigate the increasing problems of American citizens being deprived of their lawful voting rights, by tribal governments exercising delegated “Sovereignty” power and authority from agencies of the United States Government.

Enclosed are copies of letters we have sent to the President, Attorney General and other elected officials, requesting support for a thorough investigation into the complaints submitted by Todd C. Fast Horse, of the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota and a citizens group that filed a complaint citing 13 voting violations in the 2006 election in Montana that changed the United States Senate. Both complaints show that very serious violations of United States citizens’ civil rights are occurring. We also request that the citizen groups filing these complaints be invited to testify so their charges of fraud and corruption will be heard.

The United States bears a particular burden when an election fraud, in so called “Indian Country” becomes evident because in most states Indian lands are removed from the control of state governments, so the protections guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, which applies the Bill of Rights, to the states, does not apply to tribal government.

Please use the power of your high office to initiate an investigation into these legitimate allegations of voting fraud, which have violated the civil rights of United States citizens.


Howard B. Hanson


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