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Letter to Rosebud Reservation

The Resource Sentinel
Howard B. Hanson
26 W St. Albans Rd
Hopkins, MN 55305
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The Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council
Rosebud Sioux Tribe
P. O. Box 430
Rosebud, SD  57570

Dear Members;

The Resource Sentinel has a long history of public service educating citizens and public officials about flawed and often times corrupt policies that violate our constitution. Over the past twenty- five years, we have worked with many extraordinarily patriotic and brave tribal members, who believed like we do, that every United States citizen deserves the equal protection of our nations laws guaranteed in the 14th Amendment to our Constitution.

Scott Kayla Morrison a female Choctaw lawyer from Oklahoma would give legal aid to any tribal member who was in a physical or political abusive situation. She overcame a physical speech impediment to become a gifted public speaker and is well respected for her work in Indian Country on behalf of individual tribal members. Mr. Roland Morris, Sr., Chippewa from Cass Lake, Minnesota is a close friend and equal rights ally for twelve years. We enjoyed many meetings with politicians both in Minnesota and Washington, D.C. We made many friends in Congress and the Senate over the years and we are a well-respected organization.

The Resource Sentinel Organization and our partner organizations have many Indian and non-Indian members that are willing to work hard to bring local and national attention to ongoing rights violations in Indian Country. Over the past several months, we have been meeting and communicating with Todd C. Fast Horse and have met some of his friends. We, in turn, have introduced him to many of our friends. We have formed a strong relationship and have promised to start a letter writing campaign to public officials concerning how elections on reservations are not following strict guidelines set forth in State and Federal election laws. We have talked to many tribal members from other states that have voiced similar concerns about their elections.

We assure you that we have nothing but the utmost respect and best wishes for the future of our country’s Indian citizens and firmly believe that the best way to insure their success is by making sure they have the equal protection of our laws.

Enclosed are copies of letters we are sending to public officials in your state as well as Washington, D.C. We are requesting that your elections be run with the same high standards, with independent, responsible and ethical poll watchers, under the same laws, as other polling places in these United States.

Unfortunately, when organizations attempt to get involved with concerns of individual tribal member’s rights or corrupt elections, tribes tend to play the race card or claim attacks on tribal sovereignty. The real attack on tribal sovereignty comes from those who steal elections by corrupt means. We want to assure you that our number one concern is the equal protection of the law for all citizens on the Rosebud Indian Reservation and thereby protecting tribal sovereignty. Our goal is assisting the tribe in securing honest, fair, and impartial elections during the upcoming 2009 Primary and General elections, and all future elections.


Howard B. Hanson


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