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The Resource Sentinel Calls for Investigations into Allegations of Civil Rights Violations because of Illegal Voting Practices in Indian Country

The allegations in Montana also included Crow tribal members being issued dual voting cards with both their Crow and American name and encouraged to vote multiple times in different precincts in the 2006 election, which defeated Senator Conrad Burns and changed the United States Senate. Tribal interests later took credit for the change.

In a recent letter to Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Howard Hanson, founder of The Resource Sentinel, requests that they exercise their “required oversight function and investigate the increasing problem of American citizens being deprived of their lawful voting rights by tribal governments exercising delegated “Sovereignty” power and authority from agencies of the United States Government who are acting unconstitutionally.” Other letters requesting support for the investigation were sent to Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., President Obama, and both House and Senate Judiciary Committee members. In the coming weeks Hanson will be mailing the Secretaries of State, Governors, and Attorney Generals of the fifty states.

“Basically, the tribes won’t let the polling officials do their job,” states Hanson. He further explains that, “there is constant ongoing conflict over who is supposed to have jurisdiction. Most Indian lands are removed from the control of state governments, so the rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment for the equal protection of the law, do not apply to tribal government. This tenet includes state election laws, resulting in these alleged violations of illegal voting and other fraudulent election practices, which affects millions of United States citizens’ civil rights.”

Hanson and others working to take action on behalf of those citizens whose rights are being trampled, believe that “one of the most important criteria in determining the true moral and ethical fiber of a truly great Republic, should be the manner in which it holds its elections. Every voting place, in every precinct, in every city, and in every State, should all have official poll watchers who all perform the same duties according to the same laws.”

Hanson, on behalf of Todd C. Fast Horse, other citizen groups rallying for this cause, and all people living in or near so called “Indian Country”, calls for an immediate investigation into these legitimate and well founded allegations of illegal voting and fraudulent election practices that are violating the civil rights of United States citizens.

Letters, complaints, and other documents from Todd C. Fast Horse and the Montana citizens can be viewed at The Resource Sentinel.

About Howard B. Hanson and The Resource Sentinel:

After retiring in 2004, Hanson committed himself to public service through The Resource Sentinel. Hanson became involved in politics in 1979 and found growing frustration with the political control in the media, corrupt politicians, and laws that infringed on equal rights. Hanson formed The Resource Sentinel and the Resource Party in 1994 to shine a light on examples of political bias in the media and to fight for laws that protect our founding documents and ensure equal rights for all.



Background on events leading to Resource Sentinel action.

Requests for Help to end voting fraud

Allied Efforts

Resource Sentinel Response




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Such a wonderful post.
written by Hodges, December 27, 2017
One of my favourite blogs. You are doing such a fabulous job and I truly appreciate the work and effort you put up here. Keep it

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