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Tribal Corruption and Dictatorship

There is not a year that goes by in which there is media observance of Tribal Corruption taking place somewhere in Indian Country. Corruption of political deceit that is of a criminal nature, with violations against the Tribal Constitution and by-laws and civil and human right violations against the Tribal Members, receives exposure to the general public for a short time, but it does allow America to understand that there are problems in Indian Country.

Each year, Tribal Corruption brings about a new formula of injustice in which to humiliate Tribal Member’s and to promote a matter of arrogance that incriminates the virtues of not only Tribal Law, Federal Law, but defaces the Traditional Law as well.

The Code of Federal Regulations 25, Tribal Constitutions, and Tribal Bylaws were designed to provide an avenue for tribal leaders’, tribal councils’ and the tribal members to maintain order and discipline. So how is it that there seems to be so much chaos? Are these laws too hard to comprehend? Are these laws written in such a way that they have no form of justice included in their contents?

Laws that are designed to protect the right’s of the people whether it implies criminal or civil, are laws that were designed by the tribe, tribal member’s and other sources, but that does not mean that these laws are supposed to be abused or made a mockery of, especially by a judicial process.

Enforcement of laws, whether they be federal, tribal, state, county or city, should be carried out by means of dependable, reliable, honorable, and authorized functions that cannot be obstructed by inequality because when laws become impaired all means of justice is removed and the principal protection they are to provide are lost to disorder and discrimination.

When the Bureau of Indian Affairs, CFR Courts, Tribal Courts cannot or will not provide protection of the right’s of Tribal Member’s, and Congress, the U.S. Senate, and other such government organizations will not perform any means to assist the people, then all constitutional order has been tossed out and replaced by dishonored acts of tyranny.

When evidence proves Tribal corruption has been a threat to the well being of the Tribal Member’s, and that same evidence has been set before the judicial process and other government agency’s and representatives, and no attempt to sustain the Constitution or the Right’s of the people, then there is no “Due Process” attainable for Americans and fascism becomes an acknowledged factor that is flawless before a corrupt legal system.

The U.S. Justice Department, U.S. Civil Right’s Division, Federal Representatives and such legal factions must be addressed in a fashion that will summon an equality process to incorporate legal imperatives to bring an end to the Tribal Corruption and illegal dictatorships that are impoverishing Tribal Communities with terror and tyranny.

Voices of justice must prevail in order to gain attention to the corruption that is violating the Human Right’s and Fundamental Freedoms of the people. On-going constructive activity directed towards those who will listen must be strong and full of sincere respect to bring forth aid to those who are being suppressed, victims of tyranny, victims of fascist incompetence, victims of deception that is becoming all too familiar in America and now comes the time that the American Citizen, Tribal Member’s should begin to remove the injustice and install the Human Right’s and Fundamental Freedoms of the people! Constitutional order must become a reality of equality for all Americans!

“The earth was created by the assistance of the sun, and it should be left as it was…” Heinmot Tooyalaket

Comment & Opinion by Larry Kibby
Elko Indian Colony

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petitioning congress to stop tribal sovereignty abuse
written by Melissa Freeman , June 16, 2012
I started an online petition to congress To stop abuse of tribal sovereignty and to ensure human and civil rights. Go to HTTP://
Please sign and share
Past.Tribal Council Elect., and Wolf Clan Chief RMI
written by Wallace Dennison, November 24, 2012
The similarities with Disenrollment and tribal corruptioms is so similar with State recogniz,es tribes one can only conclude the differences is the BIA corrupt standard 25 CFR regulations. In July 2012 I was disenrolled for queationing financial spending by oate in 1758aur Chief D.P and the blantant refusal to ask questions by our yes man council. Their is no difference with state or Federal tribes, federally recognized tribes have the Indian civil rigjts act. For over a year I habe asked for help from the staye of NJ, all I get is the same old shit.. NJ Indians left the State in 1758 with the Treaty of Easton. BS. So what do I do, a proud Native who has served his people. proudly but because of corruption im kicked to the curb. A presedent needs to happen! Tribal corruption on all levels needs to stop! Now!
Past tribal council/ Wolf Clam Chief
written by Wallace Dennison, November 24, 2012
What is the recourae for State recognied tribesI was recently kicked out of my tribe in NJ for raing questions about Tribal spending. I need someone to helpe I have no recorse being a member of a Staye recogmized tribe, yet my Indian Civil Rights have beem violated. I need.advice ASAP..Im also willi.g to elaborate on this particular situation , you will deginately see the similarites with corruption in indian counyry..
Ojibwe / Cree / Siletz / Grande Ronde - Tribes
written by Ron Belgard, April 11, 2013
It has become apparent to many of my constituency as enrolled members of Our Many Recognized Tribes. That those Tribes whom maintain Tribal Gaming compacts with the National Indian Gaming Commission and with their state (hoods) having been granted immunity in the same vein of corrupt mafioso style racketeers.

Whom bye the way are also very well protected by the United States Government. The U.S. Government seems so willing to kill the Indian and save the Man as was the policy under the leadership of every president since Ulysses S. Grant and well before during the dawn of American colonialism under the Papal Bull.

These crooked, so called "Tribal Government Officials" do not serve our Tribal people as they say they do. Rather; They have been empowered to become a severely abusive and vicious corrupt tribal corporate state within the body of almost all 566 recognized American Indian Tribal governments whom exist within the plenary borders of the United States of America.

President Barack "Black Eagle" Obama can do Our People a huge favor and help the general councils, i.e. the enrolled members of Our various nations by establishing anti corruption legislation within Our Tribal Government's and help the people to hold these thief, zealots and liars accountable by creating harsh penalties such as lengthy prison terms for the many abuses suffered under Tribal Corporate Regimes.

Such as the Villainous Regime of Delores Anne Pigsley and her entire Mafia Family in Our Siletz Tribe.

Delores Pigsley and Her Niece. The General Manager of the Siletz Tribe, Brenda Bremner, are the same type of people as the Former Tribal President of the Oglala Nation (Dick Wilson) in Pine Ridge South Dakota. Allowing for the death and extortion of Many Tribal Members during his reign over the Oglala Government. in the mid 1970's.

Nowadays poverty is higher than it has ever been for the Siletz People, Nearly 90%. Whilst Delores and her entire family reap the benefits of a crooked casino dynasty within Our Siletz Tribe. Nearly all of those in Delores's inner circle are members of her immediate family. Along with many non member employees and consultants within Our Administration. Whom bye the way, all have the best jobs and high paying salaries, while the People starve for even the basic necessities. Maybe Anderson Cooper at CNN can do an expose' to expose these evil people before it is too late. And maybe We the People can restore some pride to those who suffer in silence?

Sincerely Ronald Vincent Belgard:

Member of the Siletz Tribe...
1 of the 4 shunned tribal member(s)
written by stephanie Tobey-Roderick, June 05, 2013
Ron, well said!! when is the million Indian march going to take place? Most of the Mashpee Wampanoag Indians are tired of this treatment too. Any word from Anderson Cooper yet? We would like to expose the evil tribal Council and the fake fraudulent "Constitution" as well., And a hand full of their family members too.
Please keep me posted. We are in!
Stephanie Tobey-Roderick- Tribal Member
written by Marie Marye, September 11, 2013
Human rights of Indigenous People are still being violated on the Yurok Reservation. Yurok Tribal Members are being fraudulently deprived of their Ancestral Heritage rights by Yurok Government employees and some of the Tribal Council. David Frye, a Tribal Government employee, the Road Maintenance Foreman, is using false claims of cultural revival to acquire for himself a Land Assignment on a historic village site, where he has no traditional inheritance connection. He is trying to discredit and ostracize the living descendants of that village making it appear as though they are preventing him from "coming home". His friend Samantha Myers and his cousin, Mari Frye, who both work in the Realty Department, have helped him to get the approval for the Land Assignment, as well as Sid Nix, the Tribal Council member for Weitchpec. According to the Yurok Land Assignment Ordinance the Land Assignment Committee will make decisions taking into consideration “Whether an applicant has a family or ancestral connection to the parcel,” [YTC 10.06 (e)] and "When potential Assignments are in or near a historic Village site and/ or areas of culture concerns" [YTC 10.06 (f)]. David Frye has deceived the Tribal Council in order to make it appear like he is a Heyamu Village descendant who is "coming home". His only true connection to the village is that his grandfather's brother was married to one of the descendants of the village. None of his ancestors ever lived at or claimed any inheritance there. His proposed Land Assignment would actually displace the real descendants.
Tribal Member, Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes
written by Tracy Wells, September 20, 2013
Our Tribal Government was taken and we have been under a DICTAORSHIP since 2010
Oglala Sioux Tribe - Constitutional Violations
written by Julie Two Eagle, October 31, 2013
This problem and these same issues shared from other tribes are sadly not uncommon to my tribe. We are also told by respected and well rounded attorneys and legal experts in tribal law NOT to go to the US government courts as they 'cheat us' and 'take our sovereignty' but it's the only precedent followed for fear of federal law imposition however we lose 'power'. What is fair in this? So what are we to do when we attain a mix of old bad practices and those who seen that and want new fairer standards in leadership positions and face turmoil from two varied ways of leading and from that we the people have to face a lack of constructiveness ultimately hindering to out tribes and decisions. At some point a solution that protects and inhibits bad practices must be in place so we have leaders who follow the tribes own laws. I see no other means to a solution be it from the federal govt we are told to stay away from however giving up 'power' when a document (tribal constitutions) cannot or will not be followed by leaders but so easily imposed to the common people. It is evident that to some leaders tribal govt is not to serve a people but temporary in those bad leaders wants no matter how damaging or unfair. My tribe cannot answer the question of whom among the seven bands of Sioux cashed in on the Black Hills claim money? Those decisions are for a larger body but greed may have tied us to that money already. It's sad days and sad times for many tribes.
Wolf Clan Chief (Past)
written by Wallace Dennison , November 22, 2013
After reading my earlier comments I deemed it necessary to introduce spell check, or atleast re read my comments before submitting. I also need to say that after re contacting Tribal Coucil , my outcry for oversight has again been unanswered. I remain disenrolled , still seeking jusice for the 5000 memeber Ramapough Tribe. As stated earlier we are Recognized/Not Recognized by the State of NJ. A resolution was passed in 1979 (3031) recognizing Ramapough as a Tribe , however now the State says "Their are no State recognized Tribes in NJ", This is a constant and continuous battle we still fight. I would like to continue to gain support from Tribal Members and go public with Tribal Corrupion. I also would appreciate any advice from Federally Recognized Tribal members dealing with a Dicator as an elected Chief.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Divided We Fall - Blackfeet
written by sandy k. schildt, December 15, 2013
That was a well written article(Larry Kibby). The comments that followed do not surprise me. I resigned from the federal government & became a Buy-Indian Certified Independent Contractor, due to recognizing a low concern from directing officials that are in positions to oversee the best interest of our tribes. My position was to verify the quality & accuracy of tribal information collected from tribes. The specific requirements expected of our tribes are many. They are what determine our ability to receive funding, grants, etc. & the quality of that info we provide to justify funding is what determines the quality of life on our reservations. Inaccuracies & a lack of funding for training on our reservations cost us billion dollar losses annually. The very government’s who oversee our tribes, fail to see where we are losing billions each year! As long as we depend on outside organizations, 99.9% of our problems will remain to be out of our hands. For a good example, look where we are? I have communicated with every level of government (local & national) for the purpose of improvements in Indian Country & it would shock & amaze you of the responses! I am not surprised of the status of our 566 tribes. I detected early on that those who oversee our tribes (federal, state, etc) is where the lack of understanding starts & also the lack of what rights our tribe are unaware of! Effective responses are not done in real time & a majority of issues are never addressed. It is our tribal right to make our programs work for us. The failed system of our reservation(s) stem from disorder & accountability, in fact it starts before it reaches our reservations. As a Blackfeet, I see clearly how our tribal government in an absolute mess! Not that some of our people are right in the choices of actions that have led to indictments, but without a good solid device to curb those practices, that will continue to be the outcome. Yes it is amazing how our Tribal Constitution's, By-Laws, & Human Rights Violations persist. The clear solution is for us to educate our people in practices for: Self-determination, Self-governance & Sovereignty, that is our tribal right. Do you have a plan to get your tribe in order that will improve overall transactions that occur in your tribe? Or, do you choose to continue to have others determine your fate as a successful tribe. Yes my fellow natives we sure have alot to get in order. I offer you my assistance of a sold solution that prepares your tribe & individuals in competitive job skills, the ability to justify your grants & funding, decrease the poverty level, implement an accountability device & create ideas for Self-determination, Self-governance & Sovereignty. It can easily be done thru a data infrastructure customized for your tribe. It is either that or you continue to have everyone else operating your tribal business & you live with the results. How awesome would it be to have those lost billions that are currently taking place, to provide a bright future for our children & the future of our tribes!
Concerned Tribal Member
written by Tribal member, Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation, January 14, 2014
As a Resolution Tribe with no Constitution, Corruption comes easy. Our Tribal Officials look the other way, while those who want to do right are the bad guys. These Tribal Official's, are the same people who always want to remain in Office. How it is that BIA and HUD and even Indian Health Service still want to deal with the same Name of the The Tribal Official or Representive's when they had a part of the corruption. Our Tribal Chairperson Mary Wuester and Vice-Chair Richard Button is still and now apart of our recent serious discrepancies and program deficiencies in grant funding with the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development and Dept. of Education. Our local Owens Valley Indian Housing Authority Director, Robert Zucco have been cited for Waste and Abuse. Over 5 million wasted and abused, no homes to show for or development. Our Education Center was ripped off by the daughter, son-in law of our Chairperson Mary Wuester. Due to a recent health issue, our Chairperson Mary Wuester neglects her duty, and now leaves it up to the Vice-Chair Richard Button while she remains to return to work for the U.S. Forest Service. Richard Button, who was Tribal Chairperson when our Indian Education was ripped off. It's sad the majority of our voting members continue to place them in Office. Termination may be closer than we think.
Spokesperson, The People's Voice, Inc. (need to be enrolled to belong)
written by Jeri Roullier, May 23, 2014
I am a Bitterroot Salish from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes in Montana. We, too, are suffering from corruption, fraud, theft, etc., our council not following their own rules and regulations, especially in personnel policies. We've been throw under the bus so many times, it seems old to us. However, we are a group of concerned tribal members who are not going away. We had a recall amendment to our Constitution approved by our Regional Director to remove up to 3 tribal council people for malfeasance, and for breaking any law of the tribal constitution. Our chairman is being paid more than the governor of Montana. We live in the Mission and Jocko valleys which are small places economically, yet the council pays themselves 25% COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) added tax free to their base salary. Our council took us to court, appealing the language of our recall amendment. They went directly to the Indian Court of Appeals, rather than going through channel such as the Regional Director, Secretary of Interior, etc. We beat them in court. Yesterday they had a conference call with our Regional Director and wanted the recall amendment thrown out. The Regioinal Director told them they will not postpone the election, and while their at it, they will pay for it ($12,900). Normally, the BIA pays for a secretarial election. We incorporated under the Secretary of States Office, Montana, and are now a non-profit. They know that we are not going away, and we have just begun to start cleaning house. These corruptions have been going on for years and no one has stepped up to stop them. We have our tribal membership squarely behind us, as they are sick of the unfair treatment they have received. We've only just begun.
written by Beverly S. Louis, June 06, 2014
i would like to hear more on this group or organization, what it is doing & who started it & why............... ty
Tribal Member and ex-Tribal Election Board Member
written by Carla Kennedy, July 13, 2014
I am from the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation, it is a small tribe with 272 eligible voters. The Tribal General Council voted to appoint an Election Board on May 4, 2014. As of today, July 13, 2014 the Election Board was taken out by the Tribal General Council and replaced with a new Election Board. The Tribe's Tribal Officers have over stayed their elected term of 2-years and continue to conduct Tribal business.
For over a decade this Tribe have been in corruption, since I was a child; now I'll be 56 years old. Its always the same people or family member that are in office, we are out numbered when it comes to a vote. Our current Tribal Chairperson, Mary Wuester have been involved with our tribal politics since 1970's, since then she has been involved with the corrupted business's of our Tribal Smoke Shop, Tribal Mini Market, Indian Education Embezzalment (all have closed down) and now the abuse and mismanagement of funds of our Indian Housing Authority. What does it take to stop the Bureau of Indian Affairs and other Indian Services to recognize the tainted name of theses officials who continue to receive and authorize funding the Tribe receives, to allow more corruption. It is against our Election Ordinance and other Ordinances the tribe have not complied too, for us to do the right thing.
Thank you Larry -
written by Stephanie Marchand, November 22, 2014
Your writing is inspiring. I refer to it when I am writing myself. The corruption you discuss here is identical to what we are experiencing within our reservation. It is disheartening. We are being held hostage by an Executive Director and HR Manager who are corrupt. Tribal Council, for whatever reason, is silently supporting this groups endeavors wreak havok within our institution. We have several groups that have become public that is speaking out against the corruption in our government - however it seems each group is fighting different causes and there seems to be hesitation from these groups to form together as one powerful group against these identified causes. Not sure why this is happening, but it is hindering progress for all of them. Please keep us in your prayers.
written by Lloyd Winn, January 28, 2015
To Whom It May Concern: Tyranny and corruption shall continue until such time as tribal members revolt and demand of the Concho Agency and National Gaming that enough is enough! Certain Native Americans have ignored tribal constitutions and federal regulations regarding gaming as if they do not exist. I venture to say that state governments will eventually get wind of said tyranny and corruption and join together requesting that Indian Gaming be done away with once and for all---unless the Native people decide it is time to revolt and demand that corruption stop---either by petition or force from the NAGA and federal officials. I have spoken. Thank you. /s/Lloyd Winn
NIsqually Vice Chairman, Treasuer and 6th Council--Corruption on the rise again
written by Tribal Member, February 23, 2015
In April 2014 our vice chairman quit coming to work because it was found that he withdrew near $60,000 from tribal bank accounts. The withdraws began in early March and continued all the way up to June 30, 2014. Soon after he quit coming to work his father passed, his father just so happened to be a prominent figure in Indian country (we will miss Billy Frank Jr) this shocked Indian country when his father passed, some consider that when he learned of his sons stealing from the tribe that it may have contributed to his passing even. Then on July 2nd 2014 the Vice Chairman of the Nisqually Indian Tribe was arrested for attempted bank robbery of two banks in downtown Olympia. After Willie is bailed out by his family, the Nisqually Tribe receives a resignation letter from Willie Frank III lawyer. We go to general council expecting to replace the position. Yet some of the prominent family step in and state this has all happened because of the death of his father, further they make a motion to request that Willie sign his resignation, the motion passes. But he does not sign the resignation, instead he rescinds it. Now we have a split council where the Treasurer and 6th council member are trying to force his return to power while the the Chairman, Secretary and 5th are left on their own because the 7th council wavers and the vice chair is not present. He is being brought up on charges for the robbery and theft but in the mean time the bloodletting has begun and is coming from the treasurer and 6th while the 7th supports them through vote to outnumber the secretary and 5ht because the chair cant vote! Recently the treasurer even stated that the money has been paid back but did not state how (word out there is Willie Family paid it back). They are taking action to sweep this all under the rug and keep him in power. Frightening enough he even had the gonads to sit in his seat in front of general council this past weekend and unchallenged because 50% of the tribe are being mislead to believe that some how this is a misunderstanding which is a position that the treasury supports and share with her supporters while stating that she knows nothing about all this. Talk about corrupt! The story is longer than this. but the next steps for Nisqually are more firings, dis-enrollment and more hiding the truth to maintain power with in the more prominent families. It is just as hopeless as any other tribe, there are no real means without the general council finding a way.
Indian Country has to find a way to stand together and fight for all the tribes that are experiencing these things.
Tulalip Corruption
written by Tribal Member X, April 17, 2015
Well it seems hopeless here in Tulalip, Wa on The Tulalip Indian Reservation.
Is this the only Rez where your accused of Rape and instead of denying you raped anybody you just try to discredit them by not acknowledging your deeds. Is this the only REZ that does not report DUI cases to the STATE OR THE FEDS? Why doesn't Tulalip share this information with other Law enforcement agencies? Seems like you would want a two strike DUI criminal to go away after the third strike, However in Tulalip we dont tell Wa state or the Feds so, the criminal just goes back to what they were doing... fuking it up for everybody.

We got corrupt Chairman with his corrupt Wife doing corrupt Chairman things..
written by Phyllis Delorme, June 07, 2015
Date: 6/6/2015

We the Concerned Citizens of the Turtle Mountains, Belcourt ND have informing the ND Senators of ND about our situation, with no response. We the members are being violated totally, We the Concerned Citizens/Red Hat Ladies are in our sixty's and seventies are concerned about our community, our schools. our children, our three top councilmen have been violating our rights, we have petitions totaling of 800 for each one, Chairmen, Vice Chair, and Secretary of Treasure, these three gentleman are unbelievable, We the CC have been meeting off the reservation because our three councilman well not let us meet here, [violated] they also have informed the church not to let us meet there so we rent a Senior Citizens Center in Dunseith ND [violated], we have no judicial board they have abolished that, we have no election board, and they have sent the Superintendent home on sick leave as to not receive our petitions or validate them, the agent knows that this is in the Turtle Mountain CODE OF ETHIC's also chairman. They cashed CD's belonging to the housing HUD amounting to $260.000 for personal gain, taking from the CASINO THOSANDS OF DOLLARS with no accountability[SKY DANCER] and from another CASINO in Trenton ND [PAINTED PONY] I guess they have change it's name to ??? The top three go to the PAINTED PONY every week and draw THONSAND OF DOLLAR WITH NO ACCOUNTABILTY. Names of the Concerned Citizens are as follows....The former Superintendent, Former Chairwoman, 3 Retired Teachers and on one whom still works for IHS. HOW DO YOU STOP CORRUPTION FOR THE SAKE OF THE COMMUNITY. Ps the three have hired a former chairman as an attorney to fight it's tribal members.

Thank you for your time if you do read this
Corruption & violations of TM rights
written by TM x^4 , November 06, 2015
How do you describe the validation you get when you feel heard & acknowledged.. Amazing.. The sense of relief from reading the post here-- allowed for validation. It's been a legacy of corruption for many of our people from a southern Cali reservation.. This all rings a bell of truth. We have corruption, embezzlement, tyrannical rule, election fraud, lawyers unsurping General council & tribe as a whole, cronyism politics, hush money to those that follow suit with status quo & vote accordingly, no rights of speech or press, TC shames people into submission, retaliation by TC with heavy fines & possibility of banishment.. TC is corrupt & GC is easily manipulated, scared, apathetic or equally as corrupt. It's a very perverted situation. I think Tribes that aren't strong will by default become extracted, by means of termination. It's almost as if tribes with sovereignty & $$$$ have been given enough rope by which to hang.. The unfortunate part is I know the good minority, in case of corrupt tribes, could do extremely well at helping gear things in a positive direction-- maybe this is a sinister plan to exterminate or take tribes over from the inside.. The Trojan horses.. Our leaders voted into TC ( created are the vulnerable ones.. with no backbone toward traditional thoughts or concerns. It's a crying shame..
Narragansett Tribal Councilwoman
written by Wanda Hopkins, January 06, 2016
A huge katabutush (thanks) to everyone who shared their thoughts and concerns for our beautiful nations. The passion and drive that it is going to take to make change not only requires unity but also perseverance. I am just seeing this post today and it is already a few years old. I hope that venting wasn't enough and that action is taking place. I would like to help in any effort to get funding agencies to understand what some tribe are suffering due to their "assistance."

council member and tribal citizen
written by eddy edwards, February 08, 2016
at the Keweenaw Bay Indian community, article VI Section 1 Part (h) of our tribal constitution states that the tribal council has the power to appropriate tribal funds in excess of $10,000 in any one fiscal year provided that it shall have no effect until approved by a popular referendum of the people. since 1935 our tribe didn't allow popular referendums until 2014, when I was part of a council that, for the first time in 80 years, approved a resolution detailing how and when we would hold popular referendums. We allowed the people to exercise their authority under our constitution to approve expenditures in excess of $10,000 close to a dozen times that year. the tribal council majority shifted in 2015 to a council that abolished that resolution and refuses to hold popular referendums as required by the tribal constitution. In late 2015, I filed suit in our tribal court against those tribal government officials whom I believe are acting outside the scope of their authority by not upholding the requirements of the tribal constitution. By the way, our tribal court was not created by our constitution but by the power of the tribal council. Our tribal judges are not licensed attorneys and they are employees under the supervision of the tribal council. To be expected, the tribe filed a motion to dismiss based on sovereign immunity and we held oral arguments. the judge ruled that the council was acting within the scope of their authority and ordered me to pay legal fees up to $5000 as a precaution to others that might challenge this council in tribal court. I am preparing my appeal pro se to our tribe's appellate court. The power of the purse is the people's power and we are being denied.
Nice post
written by dot corsi, March 29, 2016
Nice post , I loved the points . Does anyone know if my assistant could obtain a template a form document to fill in ?
written by Pandora Presley, June 23, 2016
Business as usual in Indian Country. Help stop the civil injustice, lies, and corruption.

OST ICWA disgustingly corrupt
written by Bobbie Jo Handley, October 30, 2016
My takosa has been with me since he was 3 months old and he just turned 4 today. Instead of having the birthday party he wanted, we spent it in the car fleeing from authority's who were basically on a manhunt for us. My parents home was surrounded as well as my best friends home, and they were there to take my grandson so they could turn him over to a stranger who is not even Native American. I was never notified of a hearing, so my right to due process was grossly violated. I had no idea that this was happening. ICWA..exists to help TRIBAL MEMBERS keep our children in the tribe, with family, because that is how it is supposed to be.. All family members raise the children together, OYATE.
But the OST tribal Court and ICWA are basically dictatorships, and decided to support and help this African American lady from Chicago. So they signed custody of my baby nephew over to her, and she is going to take him back to Chicago, where he will lose his heritage, his identity, and his morals. Her son whom she raised is a pimp drug dealer and claims to be Baby Shane's dad but he is not even on the birth certificate. She must have deep pockets because my rights were violated and hers were honored. Excuse me?! ICWA is supposed to help TRIBAL MEMBERS to keep the children within their families which helps keep our traditions and heritage alive. So why are doing this? And I am told that if I don't cooperate, that I will be arrested, and I couldn't even go to my tribe for help because if I left to Standing Rock with Shane, it would be considered kidnapping and I will be facing 25 years. Imprisonment for loving and caring for my own blood. How can I be charged with kidnapping when he's been with me since he was only 3 months old?! I'm still unsure of what to do.. Because I just want my baby to be safe and happy like he has been with me and our family. I am being railroaded and nobody can help
written by Ralph, January 18, 2017
I tried to enroll in my tribe and BIA said the government is not allowing enrollment why is this . I have all the paper work in place ECT. See I was adopted at three days old reunited with biological parents Im full blooded Pomo native american.can anyone answer this for me thanx
Tribal member going through the same stuff right now
written by Nancy, June 05, 2017
Wow...I am feeling you. I am going through the same exact corruption. I filed a law suit against the pres of the tribal council and the chair of the election committee. The lawyers are preaching that they have a munity and get this because they are sovereign. What that hell! I must be too! We have absolutely no ethics code of conduct (just a draft LOL) Oh.. and I am not in standing because I am not a candidate. Here is the catch, I filed a complaint in a judicial court system to those mentioned above because the tribal elections were held on Feb 12, 2017 during a Winter Weather Storm Warning. No ones liable for not cancelling and...they are not adhering to guest what? The constitution. I am glad am not alone.

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