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Indian Claims Commission Fax to President Obama

March 15, 2009

President Barrack Obama
The White House
Washington, D.C.

 Dear Mr. President.

Yesterday we wrote a letter to the Chairman of the House Natural Resource Committee. They will be hearing testimony on HR 31 and HR 1385 during the coming week. The hearing is about granting certain Indian tribes recognition so they can build casinos for the gambling mob that is controlling our nations Capitols to the great detriment of the social fabric of our once great Republic. The recent Carcieri vs. Interior U. S. Supreme Court decision clearly stated that the Interior Department and its Bureau of Indian Affairs has been fraudulently lying to State officials since the beginning of the Indian Gaming legislation about which Indians have standing according to the Indian Reorganization Act of the 1930's, and whether or not they can take off reservation fee land and turn it into untaxed Tribal trust lands.

We are going to be sending each committee member a copy of both the letter we sent you on this past Friday morning and also a four page fact sheet about the Indian Claims Commission Act of 1946 which was signed by one of our greatest Presidents ever, Harry S. Truman. It was because of this Act that the people that wanted to keep using the Indian as a slave, to control territory while they stole the resources started funding the American Indian Movement and destroying our level economic playing field. They now control over 70 percent of our nations resources and of course are getting very wealthy. But they have cheated and corrupted our system terribly and destroyed the "American Dream" for millions of United States Citizens. Under the guise of helping the poor Indian they even suckered the churches to get involved. They are now on record as supporting Indian Gaming, which leads to a ten percent increase in crime every year, and social costs at least three times what the casino brings in to the mob and a few Indians.

The Indian Claims Commission Act ran for over twenty years and was supposed to settle all claims by Indian Tribes forever. Several states have used ICC payments to tribes to successfully defend against AIM movement supported treaty rights and land claim lawsuits. Attached is a four-page fact sheet about the intent of the ICC Act. Also attached is a recent court ruling in Kansas where the judge used the ICC defense to deny a fraudulent land claim for a casino.


Howard B. Hanson


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