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Testimony on HR 31 and HR1385

March 14, 2009

Rep. Nick J. Rahall, II
Chairman, Natural Resource Committee
1324 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Chairman:

We have been studying Federal Indian Policies with the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, and have been one of its board members for over twenty years. CERA is the only national umbrella organization that was formed to work with tribal members, while educating other citizens, to ensure that every United States citizen has the equal protection of our laws guaranteed by the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. CERA played a big role in the Carcieri vs. Interior decision and several of us member organizations will continue to monitor and educate citizens about the corruption and historical and legal manipulation by Congress and federal agencies to use our Indian friends to control our lands while stealing our resources.

In 1999, 2000 and 2001 while we were the CERA Chair the Bureau of Indian Affairs started taking testimony from citizens about a new plan they had to historically change the Indian Reorganization Act and allow tribes, even those that had no official standing as tribes, to create untaxed trust lands out of taxable fee lands. Most of the requests were to build casinos for Jack Abramoff and his mob friends. Noted author Stephen Pizzo, in an article titled "Indian Gaming, More Corrupt Than Ever", quoted one mobster, when asked how the mob viewed Indian gaming while testifying before congress responded: "as our new Cuba!"

In October of 1999 we sent our testimony to the BIA, On May 15, 2001 we sent a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, requesting that in the exercise of the committees required oversight function, they investigate the increasing problems of American citizens being deprived of their rights as American citizens by tribal governments exercising delegated power and authority from corrupt agencies of the United States Government before they started creating more tribal trust lands. We wrote President Bush, Atty. Gen. Ashcroft, the Secretaries of the Administration, the fifty Governors of the States, and their fifty Atty. Generals plus two thousand media and asked them to support our request. A couple days after the letters were delivered and the phones started ringing, Senator Jeffords switched political parties; Judiciary Committee Chairman Hatch was no longer able to answer questions as chair of Judiciary and our request for an investigation was stonewalled. We did however help stop the BIA attempt to circumvent the IRA and our constitution. Attachments to this letter include our letter to Sen. Hatch and the official BIA surrender document dated Nov. 8, 2001.


Before this document was written by the BIA they had been lying to the states about off reservation fee to trust land transfers and they have been lying to states ever since. We do not know how many acres of land have been taken off the property tax roles of states but it has all been done fraudulently.


Gaming has a very negative economic impact on local economies. Facts show that for every dollar the tribes take in the social costs from addiction are three dollars or more. This is caused by crime increasing ten percent per year as more people become addicted. These facts, presented by Prof. John Kindt of the University of Illinois, at the last three annual CERA conferences in D.C. are in the Congressional Record. Another problem is drugs. Recent long overdue drug busts in New York, Minnesota and Florida are proving that the reservations have been safe havens for drug gangs for many years to the great detriment of the lives of our Indian friends. Also the recent Ponzi schemes on Wall Street in New York and a smaller (only 3B) one in Minnesota show ties to money laundering through 501 C3 tax exempt foundations tied to Las Vegas.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs was noted as being the most corrupt agency in Washington, D. C. even before Tribal gaming and the gambling mob, described earlier by Stephen Pizzo, took over D.C. Mr. Chairman we would strongly suggest that your committee do a lot of very serious soul searching and study before making a decision about wrecking more lives and local economies for the benefit of these people that don't like to follow our countries rule of law.


Howard B. Hanson


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