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About the Resource Party

YES, there is a need for a new, third-party with an honest newsroom.

That is why we trademarked The Resource Sentinel and The Resource Party back in 1994. We got involved in public service politics in 1979 and after fifteen years of learning what went on at the Capitols in both St. Paul and Washington, D.C. we were very frustrated about what was happening to our nation’s laws and once great Republic.

Key facts about very real constitutional, economic and social issues were obscured by divisive platforms in the major parties. Meanwhile the media runs spectacles slanted toward political correctness and labeling. Irrelevant side shows feature good guys and bad guys funded by powerful forces out to block the public’s right to know.

A bold keep-‘em-honest third party is necessary to break the logjam. There is growing and justified concern that key principles of our nation’s founding documents – the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution – are being shunned and trampled. If all people are created equal, why are equal rights and “equal protection under the law” increasingly replaced by unequal and special rights and by law-making and policies that promote separate-and-unequal

The First Amendment supposedly guarantees free speech, open discussion and debate, government accountability, and a well-informed electorate. But these days, too many super-important issues affecting citizen lives escape the full information flow and free-wheeling debate they deserve. Voters are kept out of the loop, denied their “right to know.” Can there be intelligent voting, good law-making, and wise public policy when that happens

Among today’s culprits who thwart the Declaration and the Constitution: big money, powerful lobbies who also control interest groups, bought or beholden politicians, and media (free press?) with agendas that help suppress facts and opinion when an issue touches an editorial board’s political nerve. We citizens should be able to ask questions and receive honest answers when buzz words like 'civil rights,' 'human rights,' 'treaty rights,' 'immigration' and 'indigenous rights' are used. After studying these 'rights issues' for almost 30 years we can tell you that the words are a sham and are used to cover up the shameful oppression and exploitation of our planet’s poorest people

Here in Minnesota, and across our nation, tribal-related and sexual orientation issues provide compelling examples of how the information flow and needed debates are stifled. “Divide and Conquer” seems to be the systems ploy and if you happen to have been born on an Indian reservation, gay, lesbian or transgendered, you are a full citizen of the United States but not equally protected by its laws. Instead, your rights are kicked around like a soccer ball in a grueling, cruel and evil con game. All orchestrated by the richest and most powerful soft-money crowd dividing the people while they control and steal our nation’s wealth.


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Be part of a common sense movement to restore a democratic process, based on the values held by America’s founding fathers in writing the Constitution of the United States, to ensure equal protection of the law in preserving the civil rights of all American citizens at all levels of governance in America. more

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