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Open Letter to President Obama -Hanson

March 13, 2009

President Barrack H. Obama
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

Congratulations on your recent magnificent campaign and overwhelming victory. On behalf of the citizens of our country, we want to thank you for your calls for change, which includes equality for our gay and lesbian citizens. Also, your call for higher taxes for the wealthiest of the soft money crowd is a very noble endeavor. Many of these people have been cheating and are responsible for the lawless Abramoff mob that has corrupted our nations Capitols, the Wall Street financial markets, our Churches, and many 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundations.


Your call for change is also a very compelling statement to those of us that believe in the rule of law and the Constitution of our once great Republic. We want you to know that we were really impressed when your swearing in ceremony didn't come off as planned so you took your oath to uphold the Constitution of these United States twice, to make sure you got it right.

We are very concerned about your promise to the Indian tribes to strengthen tribal "Sovereignty" and support efforts to invent an Indian tribe in Hawaii. We wonder if you have any idea or awareness of the increasing economic, criminal and red apartheid social problems facing millions of American citizens, that live in so called "Indian country"? These citizens are being deprived of their rights as American citizens by tribal governments exercising delegated power and authority from corrupt and unconstitutional agencies of our own United States Government.

If you would come to Minnesota and visit with the citizens that live near the Prior Lake, Mille Lac, Leach Lake, Fond du Lac, and Red Lake reservations we think you would quickly learn that Federal Indian Policy is not working. In fact, the American Indian Movement, begun and strongly supported by then President Richard Nixon, has been an economic disaster for the citizens of Minnesota as well as the other states that have been attacked by cries for social justice and historical revisionist treaty rights, plus Abramoff's casino gambling industry mob.

Before the AIM movement we used to have well managed fisheries and about 5,000 resorts that provided thousands of jobs and strong local sports fishing tourism economies here in Minnesota. We now have fewer than nine hundred resorts left and many of those are going broke, not only because of the commercial gill net over harvest, but also because federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Interior are taking away citizens rights to run their own local governments and manage their local resources.

Meanwhile AIM's "Treaty Rights" agenda has done nothing to help the plight of our Indian friends. They are still being oppressed and exploited by the financial power of the richest shareholders of big oil, big fish, big coal, big mob, big crime, big drugs, big government, and big greed. They still are wards of the federal government and still have neither rights nor access to a legitimate court of law when aggrieved. It is time to free them from just being pawns of this greedy lawless crowd and allow them to get properly educated and participate in the American dream instead of the destructive, racist, hateful AIM rhetoric they have been subjected to for the past four decades. The suicide rate of Indian school children backs up what we say.

Jobs, jobs and more jobs is what our country needs at this time. For twenty- five years, we have hollered loudly for more aquaculture fish farming. However, wherever there is a fishery this lawless greedy corporate crowd shows up with their corrupt federal agencies and totally destroys not only just the local economy but its social heart and soul as well. As you are investing in technologies to help our economy grow please, please consider investing in the Aquaculture Industry. The inherent problems are treatment facilities for the water that needs to be used to raise the fish. We have heard a pound of fish is cheaper to grow than meat, and that there is more demand! We do not know about the cost of a well working water treatment facility however. Saving our sport fishing tourism economies will contribute greatly to our quality of life. Fish farming will add new jobs and markets for agriculture. It will be a win - win for everyone.

As a board member of the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance we attend a conference in D.C. every year. Last year we visited your Senate office, was graciously received and listened to. We left a paper entitled Equal Rights vs. Tribal Sovereignty - America's Challenge to Protect Our Constitution and The Civil Rights of Every American. We also left papers about the Hawaiian Akaka bill that were written by our Hawaiian friends. And lastly, we left copies of papers that showed that the Bureau of Indian Affairs was lying and using fraud to transfer off reservation fee land to Tribal trust lands in violation of the Indian Re-organization Act for Abramoff and his mob to build their casino's on. We were recently proven right in mid February 2009 when the United States Supreme Court ruled in Carcieri vs. Interior that the Department of Interior has been lying about the Indian Re-organization Act and that they do not have the authority to create off reservation trust lands from fee lands for gambling casinos. Our CERA group was involved!

Enclosed are copies of documents supporting what we have written and how honest hardworking United States citizens' lives are being very negatively affected by our own federal government. We hope and pray that when you say you are going to effect "change" that it includes cleaning up the corruption in our federal agencies and Wall Street while also giving our Indian friends the same constitutional rights as every other citizen of our once great republic.

However, Mr. President, if you go through with your promises to the tribes to strengthen Tribal Sovereignty and help invent an unconstitutional tribe in Hawaii, to harvest the whales and create a safe haven for the Abramoff gambling mob and their drugs, please keep the "change"!


Howard B. Hanson





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