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Resource Party Platform Overview

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”


Platform Summary (Plank discussions to follow)

Equal Rights for All Citizens
The U.S. Constitution must be a guide at all times, not just when it is politically expedient. Currently, too many people feel 'shut out' of their Government. Citizens must have greater opportunity to be involved in Government through citizen oversight panels on education, healthcare, transportation, jobs, environment, crime, campaign finance reform, and gambling. Citizens have the right to know how their Government works at all times.

The Separation of Church and State
No political action should be allowed or condoned by the church. Likewise, Religious beliefs should be respected but not promoted by government.

Freedom Of and From Religion
We support every person’s right for Freedom of Religion or Freedom from religion. People of all faiths or atheistic beliefs should all live in harmony with one another practicing the Golden Rule and living under the same equal protection of the laws of our great Republic.

The Right to Vote
One of the most important criteria in determining the true moral and ethical fiber of a truly great Republic, should be the manner in which it holds its elections. Every voting place, in every precinct, in every city, and in every State, should all have official poll watchers who all perform the same duties according to the same laws.

Tax Exempt Foundations
Tax Exempt Foundations that have funded political and unconstitutional “Tribalism,” under the guise of Culture and Religion or Social Justice, or historical revisionist Treaty Rights or the American Indian Movement, should immediately lose their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status for funding these conflicting, racist, unconstitutional policies.

We assert that these same corporate and personal foundations should be required to fund restitution to our Indian citizens, whom they have kept in bondage and denied the equal protection of our laws. Each tribal member should receive land and a trust fund to adequately cover the costs of the education necessary to become successful, responsible United States citizens. They will also immediately have access to state and federal courts like every other citizen when aggrieved.

Tribal business councils should be self-governing and operate like other cultural or religious colonies, such as the Menonites or Hutterites, or abide by the same laws and regulations of a township or county government.

Use of Our Natural Resources
As conservationists, we support the proper economic management of our natural resources. This will provide jobs and strong local economies while enhancing citizen’s quality of life while enjoying the great outdoors.

Forests. The States Department of Natural Resources will run smart, well managed business plans that tax enough for harvesting and use to ensure the replanting and sustainability of our forests and wildlife for both the wood products industries, the deer and upland game hunting communities and those that use trails for hiking and snowmobiling.

Fish. There will be no commercial gill netting of game fish from public waters. Thousands upon thousands of jobs have been lost because of this practice. Lakes should be managed for the sport of fishing, the tourism economy it sustains and the joy it brings to the citizens quality of life.

Aquaculture – Fish Farming
The states or federal government should invest more money in the infrastructure needed in water treatment facilities for the expansion of the aquaculture industry. The industry could create new sustainable jobs, new markets for food crops, stop the over harvest of our lakes that is destroying our sportfishing tourism economies and be win, win, win for everyone.

Spelling, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Science is what it is all about. Social Engineering and Political Correctness, with its cries of victimization for minorities, is a dismal failure. We can get the politics out of the classroom and we can set higher standards and better teaching methods. We must ensure that every young citizen has an equal opportunity to learn and become a successful player in the American Dream.

Health Care
We believe in free market competition for health care. We also believe in the creation of health care savings accounts for every citizen. The Health Care Account would be theirs and they would pay their own doctor bills in a competitive system and go to the doctor of their choice. They would buy and pay for an insurance policy for large emergencies with a deductible amount they feel they can afford to pay themselves. These savings accounts would be funded in part by a combination of a portion of their FICA, or a reduction in federal and state income taxes, but with the money deposited directly into their personal Health Care Account.

When faced with paying their own health care bills, with their own money, people will quickly learn to live a healthier lifestyle while also building personal wealth. This will greatly benefit our financial markets. Upon death, the money may be transferred to their heirs Health Care Accounts or the going Estate Tax amount paid and the remaining cash distributed to heirs.

The reason that the very, very rich want socialized medicine is that they want you to pay the health care costs of the people they are using to steal your land and resources. Like the unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency, which only deals with their “Sovereign” tribes on issues relating to land, air, or water quality. Or federal agencies like the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, which is destroying sports fishing tourism economies in many states by commercially gill-netting public waters. Then there are the Indians themselves and every other state and federal agency whose employees earn a living off of this unconstitutional theft of our land and resources.

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written by Peter Yurek, November 01, 2010
Hello, I like most of your platform. Your statement on religion is very unerving though. It comes off as saying churches have no right to participate in the political process. Where there are people there will be groups. You may want to consisder this fact and discern how to respect the rights of groups as well as individuals. I am a Catholic, it is our duty to respect the human dignity of all people. This doesn't mean we have to agree with one another but that we strive for the common good. Which is what most of your other positions support.
written by nick, November 02, 2010
to the writer above me, what are you thinking, how is that unerving. You unerve me when you post scandals on the web such as this u should be disgraced... go get a girlfriend for a change loser
written by Michael, July 24, 2011
I agree with Peter that if what your group is after is true equality then singling out people of religion from the political process is not the way to go. A better way is to say that all member of a Church can participate in the political process. Furher, that the government can not dictate what the Church can and can not say. This would support equality. Otherwise, you would be discriminated against religionists in favor of those who were anti-religious.
Church and state
written by John, May 06, 2013
This is a blanket statement above. It means, churches do not have a right to participate in any form of political discussion as a whole. Individually, the people may participate, but a "Church" cannot. If they do, then they should not be a tax exempt entity, as outlined in the non-profit section. They do not have the right as a whole to assert political power, but as individuals the individuals can, as they are legal sovereign citizens.
Contact me PLEASE!
written by Phyllis Delorme, June 09, 2015
Contact me asap at the above email address or 701-477-6224. I need to know where/how to submit information about the CORRUPTION on the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Reservation.

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