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Letter to Legislature

Dear Representative / Senator

Congratulations on your recent campaign victory to represent the interests of citizens from your home district. In this age of special interest politics we deem it important to share some factual information with you concerning major issues of economic and social importance to your constituents that never get public debate. We hope that this material will help you make informed decisions when voting on an issue or at least questioning an opposing viewpoint from a paid lobbyist. We have been doing this as a public service on our own dime since about 1980.

Enclosed is a letter to Governor Mark Dayton and copies of articles and fact sheets on issues that we feel have placed our state in a very sad financial mess. At the same time we are faced with cutting services to many in need and are in danger of losing our Vikings football team.

On December 15th, 2008 the Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article by former United States Senator Mark Dayton. The title of the piece was: “Fixing Minnesota (miracle not required)-- All it takes is that the anti-tax formula has failed.” In the article our new Governor lamented how even though the state had a good economy and higher employment figures than most other states there were some Republican politicians, business leaders and other conservatives that steadily attacked “a bad business climate”. They complained that too-high taxes on wealthy citizens and on businesses, combined with too-favorable (to workers) workers compensation and unemployment benefits and too-stringent pollution control and environmental protection laws were driving business and wealthy individuals away. They promised that if the policies were reversed, businesses would create more jobs in Minnesota and the economy grow.

For the past two decades, two Republican governors and one independent/libertarian have enacted those policies. What is the result? They turned the Minnesota Miracle into the Minnesota Nightmare!

We can’t agree more with our new Governor. Historically, it is our strong belief that both our state and federal governments began this budget deficit journey back in the mid 60’s when the American Indian Movement was formed in Minneapolis. Most probably by the same folks Governor Dayton was talking about in the paragraph above. After twenty- five years of studying Federal Indian Policy and working with Indian citizens we can truthfully say that it has been a total financial and social disaster for all of us citizens but especially destructive to our Indian friends. The same wealthy people have kept them in bondage in a sinister way. The Indian people have no rights and are just pawns in a very evil clever marketing scheme.

The American Indian Movement began during the same era that the Political Action Committees were formed. At the same time congress told the mob to quit killing each other and become a legitimate business. So they agreed and with the help of the rich and powerful became very willing partners in the movement to exploit our Indian friends to gain territory to control resources and obtain gambling wealth to steal and take control of our land. 

Millions of United States citizens that live on or near the new Indian country are seeing their local economies destroyed. Early on the only ones benefitting from AIM were the richest shareholders of big fish, coal, natural gas, oil, timber and energy, plus their law firms and lobbyists. Since the Abramoff era there are new players in the game from Las Vegas. Many states are now reeling from the budget deficits caused by the increasing social costs as citizens form addictions to gambling, drugs, alcohol, strip clubs and porn on their televisions.

AIM was formed and funded by corporations that wanted to stop President Truman’s Indian Claims Commission Act of 1946, which was making final payments to Indian tribes from the treaty era which had ended in the 1880’s. Many tribes had said they had been cheated during that time and all agreed that the ICC court would be a perfect solution to ending the bad

feelings. Enclosed in this packet is a four page paper on the Indian Claims Commission Act produced by Proper Economic Resource Management, Inc., explaining how the federal government paid all the legitimate claims to the tribes and then closed the books on all treaty claims forever in about 1973.

Meanwhile, during that same period AIM was building political training centers all across our country and teaching Indians a new political doctrine of red apartheid sovereignty and historical revisionism. It was helped along in Washington, D. C. by newly elected President Nixon. He created the Environmental Protection Agency and started funding Indian Law schools that created a whole new unconstitutional bureaucracy that has helped bankrupt our country.

Although there had not been treaty rights for over eighty years the AIM agenda was to restore treaty rights so corporations could use the Indian to take back land they had sold and then harvest the resources with no oversight by us citizens. The AIM movement has been really successful as the tribes now control over 70% of the resources of our country. The corporations harvesting the resources are getting ever richer, especially their biggest shareholders whom both our Governor Dayton and President Obama say are not paying their fair share of taxes.

Please read our enclosed letter to Governor Dayton. We have offered to support him on trying to fix the budget deficits and close the loopholes enjoyed by our wealthiest citizens. We would also like to draw attention to the billions of dollars of corporate profits that have escaped taxation by funding the American Indian Movement under the guise of Culture and Religion. We think it is all politics and should not be tax exempt. Anyone else for reparations for us taxpayers?

We wish you all luck during the coming three or four months dealing with the whopping deficit while also trying to save the Vikings. They are worth saving. The gaming compact was done fraudulently but fairly taxed could fund many worthy projects and help get us out of this mess. We hope the enclosed packet of information helps in your decision making. 


Howard B. Hanson


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