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Equal Rights For All Citizens


Minnesota has been a leader nationally in this area. The future of our children is a responsibility we all share. Accountability in education is critical; competition is always a good thing, and competition in education is no different. As your Governor, I will take a look at vouchers and their potential impact, as well as re-examining the current K-12 funding mechanisms. While we must remain at-or-near the forefront on education, I also believe it should not be a bottomless pit into which we simply throw money. Working together, we can put Minnesota- and our children - back on top in Education.

We need a more competitive healthcare marketplace in Minnesota. I recently brought my daughter, suffering from hives, to the emergency room of a local hospital; we were there a total of three hours (including two hours sitting in the waiting room). The cost? Almost $1,600.00. While insurance covered a portion of this, I was still left with a sizeable bill. This sort of healthcare pricing is unacceptable to the people of Minnesota, and must be corrected through more competition. I do not favor 'Universal' healthcare, as I believe this opens the door to potential fraud and mismanagement - and while 'Universal Healthcare' may make for a feel-good sound-byte, in the end this promises to impose an ever-greater tax burden on the good people of Minnesota. HMOs have proven to be expensive and inefficient, and I will re-examine how Minnesota has dealt with these.

I believe we need to look at fixing the 494/694 corridor, as well as I-35W. Driving these, and other roads in Minnesota, is a daily nightmare for so many people. I will look at making the left lane of Minnesota's highways a 'passing only' lane. I will closely examine any mass-transit proposals - and find out what you want. For example, the light-rail being talked about, which would run along University Avenue between Minneapolis and St. Paul, is opposed by the vast majority of the business owners along University Avenue. Also, the costs of the Hiawatha light-rail project were woefully underestimated; we must learn from this experience when evaluating other light-rail or mass-transit proposals. The people of Minnesota demand and deserve honesty - not rhetoric- from their elected officials.

Clearer, more stringent reporting is needed. A violation of Campaign Finance law should result in a fine - every time. The current system is highly inadequate, and needs to be changed. I will work to ensure an Online Reporting System is put in place, so every citizen can track, in a timely fashion, all political contributions. This Online system will be the model for all other states in the United States, and will empower you - the people of Minnesota - to quickly know who your elected officials and candidates are getting money from.

Clearly, we must take steps to protect our environment. However, this concern for our environment must be balanced with what is necessary for us to improve the quality of our lives. Everyone wants and needs resources, and we are either moving forward in the improvement of the quality of our lives as Minnesotans - and Americans - or we are moving backwards. I believe there is a way to adequately protect our environment while at the same time improving the quality of our lives.

As your Governor, I will work to ensure Corporations found to commit egregious violations of our environmental laws are, at the least, heavily fined and possibly prosecuted. Everyone wants clean air and clean water, and I propose directing greater amounts of monies to this end - without raising taxes.

Any emission standards to be set for industry or vehicles must be done practically and in a realistic manner. We all are concerned about the levels of mercury in our air and water, and believe these levels must be reduced as soon as possible. As your Governor, I will work with industry to get these mercury levels reduced now and keep them reduced for future generations.

As your Governor, I will work for tougher sentences for criminals - especially repeat offenders and those convicted of heinous crimes. 20 years must mean 20 years. I believe providing inmates some level of education is beneficial to society as a whole; however, I do not believe we should pay for inmates to take college courses or obtain college degrees. There are many Minnesotans who, through either lack of finances or some other circumstance, never had the chance to attend college. Additionally, classifying something as a 'hate crime' is unquestionably unconstitutional (see 14th Amendment). Imagine the pain of a parent who just lost a child to violence - and that pain being made ever more unbearable by learning that an individual, convicted of the very same crime as the one which took their child, received a longer sentence because that person was convicted of a 'hate' crime. Why shouldn't the person who took the life of their child receive the same sentence?

As your Governor, I will also make certain we have adequate funding for our battle against crime - especially when we are confronting drugs and gangs. We must send a clear message to criminals that says, "If you choose to commit crime, you had better choose somewhere other than Minnesota".

As your Governor I would offer those immigrants, here in Minnesota illegally, an opportunity to come forward and register with the state. Should an illegal immigrant living in Minnesota not register, they would be subject to deportation. As a U.S. citizen and resident of Minnesota, you have the right to know who is in your state illegally. Our border with Canada presents a situation which requires adequate resources be dedicated to preventing illegal entry from our neighbor to the north.

I believe the free market system will step up to the plate on this issue - and private industry will fill the needs of consumers. As your Governor, I will work with energy producers in a firm, common sense manner. With adequate incentives for energy producers to invest in wind, solar and other forms of energy production, Minnesota can help to lead the way in this area. Any setting of energy standards must be done in a manner which is realistic in terms of timeframe and expectations.

This is the big purple elephant in the middle of the living room - an elephant most politicians are afraid to even acknowledge is there. In fact, politicians here in Minnesota prefer to use the term 'gaming', because they believe it has a 'softer' feel to it. C'mon - call it what it is - gambling. I'd prefer to get rid of all gambling in Minnesota, but it appears gambling is in Minnesota to stay - so let's not kid ourselves. As your Governor, I will work to ensure the State of Minnesota receives substantially more revenue from gambling. The truth is, as Governor I could bring our state upwards of $500 MILLION DOLLARS annually in additional gambling revenue - at no additional cost or risk to the state. This is a huge amount of money, and could be used for Education, Roads, Healthcare, the Homeless, etc. Is this what the majority of Minnesotans want? Yes it is.

All the other candidates hide from this issue; Minnesotans want a Governor who will face this issue head-on. I am that one.


Article V
Sec. 3. POWERS AND DUTIES OF GOVERNOR. The governor shall communicate by message to each session of the legislature information touching the state and country. He is commander-in-chief of the military and naval forces and may call them out to execute the laws, suppress insurrection and repel invasion. He may require the opinion in writing of the principal officer in each of the executive departments upon any subject relating to his duties. With the advice and consent of the senate he may appoint notaries public and other officers provided by law. He may appoint commissioners to take the acknowledgment of deeds or other instruments in writing to be used in the state. He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. He shall fill any vacancy that may occur in the offices of secretary of state, auditor, attorney general and the other state and district offices hereafter created by law until the end of the term for which the person who had vacated the office was elected or the first Monday in January following the next general election, whichever is sooner, and until a successor is chosen and qualified. [Amended, November 3, 1998]

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written by Ray born, May 09, 2017
Theft by deception

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