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The Resource Sentinel Calls for Investigations into Allegations of Civil Rights Violations because of Illegal Voting Practices in Indian Country

In support of official complaints filed by Todd C. Fast Horse of the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota and Christopher Kortlander, Terry A. Coddens, and Deborah Winburn of Big Horn County, Montana, The Resource Sentinel is calling for judiciary action in defense of protections guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, which are being denied to both tribal and non-tribal United States citizens by fraudulent election practices.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2009 -- The complaints filed by both Todd C. Fast Horse and the citizens of Montana cite numerous violations where official poll watchers were deprived of their responsibilities to protect the voters of their fundamental, constitutionally protected rights to participate in the political process on an equal basis, according to the election laws of our republican form of government.

Background on events leading to Resource Sentinel action.

Requests for Help to end voting fraud

Allied Efforts

Resource Sentinel Response


Howard Hanson, Resource Sentinel, Questions President Obama Change Plan

Howard Hanson, Resource Sentinel, Questions President Obama Change Plan, Extends Invitation to CERA Conference

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Fact Sheet to President Obama
What kind of change—constitutional or unconstitutional?
Cleaning up deceit and corruption—good for families, or good for organized crime?
Following in the footsteps of Muhammad, Jesus, the Golden Rule—or the devil?

Fact Sheet to President Obama, read more


Tribal Corruption and Dictatorship

Sunday April 26, 6 a.m.

Listen as special guests discuss the essay below by Larry Kibby and published by Web of Life Enterprises, Inc.

Producer & Host: Martha Fast Horse (Sicangu Lakota)

Special Guests: Lucinda Ellert (Sicangu Lakota) Lakota Elder & Community Organizer, Todd Fast Horse (Sicangu Lakota) Former Chairman of the Rosebud Community & Former Chief of Staff for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation, and Howard Hanson (Anglo) Board Member of the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA)

A half-hour Public & Cultural Affairs Program of Fast Horse Productions aired Sundays at 6 am on KQRS 92.5 FM, KXXR 93X 93.7 FM & WGVX LOVE 105 - 105 FM in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, U.S.A


One America: An Open Letter to Our New President -Krischel

January 21, 2009

Dear President Obama,
With your inauguration behind us, I would like to share with you one very specific hope (and a corollary fear) I have. Although I did not support your candidacy, throughout the Presidential campaign, I greatly admired your rhetoric on race and race relations. As the first "hapa" U.S. President, you and I share the experience of struggling with the idea of whether or not we were "half" this or "half" that, or a "whole" something else. I believe the answer we both arrived at is that we are "whole" people. beyond "black" and "white." We are both simply "human."
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